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Ladeeda! FAQs

I'm looking for in-person classes. Will you be offering them?

Yes! Summer '22 will be in-person and a flexible schedule! 


We'll bring you the joy and creativity you know and love in our Ladeeda programs in an adapted format for this session. We'll continue to evaluate and make decisions for each new session in the coming year.


Please visit our Covid-19 Info page for the latest updates. Contact us for the summer details. Spaces are limited.

Thank you for your understanding and support. Please consider joining us to ensure a bright, sustainable future for all the arts and for Ladeeda as we celebrate 23 years.

What if I'm not musically inclined?

Everyone is welcome! No music experience is needed for any of our Ladeeda programs. We're focused on providing a fun and caring place to nurture children and adults in the art of confident self-expression. Our classes are about relaxing and having fun with music while connecting with each other.

If I miss the start date, is it too late to join?

Not at all! You're welcome to join us anytime where spaces are available. Please contact us for schedule and availability.


Where are you meeting?

For Summer/Fall '22 our program will meet outside at beautiful Austin Park. In case of bad weather (wind or rain) we will cancel class and you will not be charged.

How do I register? 

We have an easy sign up!

  1. Click on our Sign Up page and complete the short form. Be sure to select the class you are enrolling in. Feel free to add grandparents or other special relatives and their emails, if you think they'd enjoy hearing from us about Ladeeda news.

  2.  Fill out the text box at the end with your preferences for day/time. Please be sure to include a 1st and 2nd choice. Spaces are limited.

  3. We will contact you within 3-5 business days to confirm your class time.

That it, you've registered!  You'll receive an email confirmation and instructions to create a password for your new Ladeeda account at our secure off-site location, My Music Staff (MMS).

To view your account & resources anytime  Go to My Music Staff, enter your email and password.

When do I pay?  What payments do you accept?

We will invoice families at the end of our Summer '22 session based on the number of classes you attended: minimum 4 classes.


Your payment will be processed through a secure off-site location. Credit and debit cards are accepted.


Why do you offer infant classes? Would my child benefit more to wait until they're older and more interactive?

Every child's development benefits from early introduction to music and movement. Research tells us what we knew all along . . . early integration of singing, dancing, rhymes, stories, and of course cuddles with you (!) in your child's daily routine helps them blossom. These beautiful experiences improves their ability to think, reason, create and express. All while bonding with you!


You are your child's first and most important teacher. Our format is thoughtfully designed to support you in bringing lovely fun, learning and interactment into your lives. Our music and movement experiences are rich and diverse with all genres of high quality music, instruments, voices and cultures selected especially for children. You'll learn songs, rhymes and dances to enjoy with your baby while creating memories together.


Who can join the family classes? Only parents, or can we invite other relatives?

Our community is intergenerational.  Ladeeda is for any child with their favorite grownups - caregivers, relatives, friends or neighbors.  Additional adults are welcome!

Can I bring my child's siblings?

Sibling(s) may come and bring a quiet activity to do in a nearby area (such as a book or puzzle). For safety, siblings are asked not to leave to play in other areas of the park unless accompanied by an extra adult.


Or sibling(s) can join in a music and movement class with their younger sibling if they will play gently with the children and participate as a "helper."


For everyone's safety, rowdy play isn't allowed (tumbling, running, rough play with each other or with props and instruments).


Do you offer any discounts?

Yes! We offer

  • sibling discounts

  • student and senior discounts in ukulele ensemble

  • sliding fee or scholarships, if needed. Please contact our office.


Credits, Refunds

Sorry, there are no refunds or credits after classes begin.


Try a Free Class

This option isn't available at this time, sorry. Thanks for understanding.

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