The health and well-being of all our families is our #1 priority. For Winter 2021 we're bringing you Ladeeda in a virtual format filled with fun, learning and interactment from our home to yours! Please visit our COVID19 Info page for the latest updates.




and also

Music Enrichment

for friends with special needs

Virtual for winter '21  |   Ukulele lessons

unleash your inner islander!

makes a great gift idea!


Private   $23 / 30 minutes

Group   $12 / 30 minutes

Group:  2 or more.

Children, friends, family or couple.

 Same household, or different locations  on zoom!



"5 minutes of strumming a day - it's good for the brain and for the soul."

Cynthia Lin





Practice, performances and reading music are not required.

But for those who are interested we'll gladly teach you.


If you have arthritis or other difficulties, we'll help you learn alternate, easier chords.

Above all, we'll have fun developing skills while relaxing with this happy instrument!


Whatever your need or goal, we'd love to help you on the journey

to enriching your life through music.



Virtual for winter '21   |  Music enrichment

creating a musical, motivating atmosphere for your loved one to thrive



Private   $23 / 30 minutes

Group   $12 / 30 minutes

Group : 2 or more 

Children, friends, family or couple.

 Same household or different locations on zoom!



Helping your loved one light up through music is an honor. 

Meeting them where they are. 

For anyone whose quality of life can be improved with music. 

  • For friends with special needs

  • All ages -  babies to seniors

  • Focusing on their strengths

  • Innovative and wide range of services

  • Lovely instruments, drums and colorful props

  • Frequent communication with music therapist

  • Customize: 6, 8 or 10 sessions

  • Admin/materials fee  10.00 for virtual

  • Ask about sibling, senior discounts

  • Innovative and adaptive teaching methods

  • Online in the comfort of your home

  • Focusing on your strengths

  • All ages - children to seniors

  • All levels, beginners too

  • Frequent communication with the teacher

  • Customize:  6, 8 or 10 lessons

  • Admin/materials fee  10.00 for virtual lessons

  • Ask about sibling, senior discounts

Celeste Pine, owner & instructor


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